Thursday, October 22, 2009

PE10 - S&P 500 1871 to Present -

The stock market sure isn't cheap when looking at earnings.

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Evan said...

This Graph easily help me in judging the past of the Stock Market!
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Mike said...

I don't think we can have a sustainable economic recovery until our government addresses the basic structural problems in our financial system of too much debt and not enough productive jobs to create savings. So while the stock market can stay irrational in the shorter term, in the long run I believe it will go back to reflecting the fundamentals of our boom and bust economy. And that's why I continue to feel that for long term investors a better portfolio allocation is in cash and gold. This morning I actually read a very good article on gold and the US dollar as a result of the Federal Reserve's continued attempts to debase our currency and continue to try to solve a debt crisis with more debt: Gold Price Breaks $1,180 as US Dollar Sinks

here’s an excerpt: “While the Fed minutes indicate the maintenance of current dovish policy for quite some time, a positive factor for the gold price and gold mining sector, other portions of the minutes suggested that the Federal Reserve may indeed have evidence to begin to withdraw the easy monetary policies used to combat the credit crisis.”

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Ashley said...

This illustration makes us see the market trend of the past. I hope that nowadays, we could make it better and more stable. By the way, thank you so much for sharing us this one. Good Luck and Keep us updated.


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