Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Financial Planning and Personal Sanity

I appreciate Jordan looking out for me and re-registering the langley-financial-planning.blogspot.com blog so that nobody else swooped in and snagged it.

Part of the process of migrating the blog over to http://housing-analysis.blogspot.com is that I had to drop the http://langley-financial-planning.blogspot.com domain for a brief time.

I am not closing down my blog but I am moving it and changing the focus in light of the pope's departure from the vancouver condo blog. I hope to add a few more regular posters and provide even more in depth analysis focused on the local housing market.

Please join me at Housing Analysis.

Cheers, mohican


alexcanuck said...

Please, please, someone more tech-savvy than me save the Vancouver condo wiki! Find a place to put it and post on "the usual suspects" blogs.

Poly Muthumbi said...

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Ashley said...

That's really awesome. You really owe something to Jordan. By the way, thank you for sharing us this information. I hope that the transformation of your blog could be successful. Good Luck and More Power to you.


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aldrin james said...

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