Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Vancouver Condo Info Shuts Down

This post is the 400th post for this blog and I had hoped that I could post about something good but it appears that just as pope's blog - vancouver condo info - was really starting to hit it's stride, the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver has 'expressed concerns' about some of the content. Consequently the blog has been shut down. I am interested in what concerns the REBGV has precisely and if they try to pull a stunt like that with me, I will make it very hard on them. I will vigourously defend my freedom to speak the truth.

I have my hunches on what the REBGV was concerned about and I would note that the pope's 'wiki' was likely incredibly embarrassing to many people in the real estate community. I'd be happy to repost the historical comments of our local pundits for posterity here since they do not represent libelous comments and they help keep the pundits honest. Pope, if you are out there, please send me an email and I'll post that content here.

As usual this blog will be data based and analysis driven. I take a great amount of pride in the work we do here. Me and my co-bloggers really enjoy doing the analysis.

Pope's wiki is still up:http://vancouvercondo.info/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page


Toronto Condo said...

Further to our request it would be appreciated if site management would identify themselves appropriately. It is not regarding member comments but specifically a graph posted with the title “REBGV Benchmark House Price 2008″. This is not a graph produced nor endorsed by The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver. Prior to sending a cease and desist regarding the language via our Legal staff, if the matter can be resolved internal it would be preferred.Thank you in advance...Toronto Condo

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